The Safe…but Sorry Indoor Cat

Do you keep your cats indoors because you’d rather be safe than sorry? I sympathize with you, but…

How would you feel if you were confined to house arrest all your life for a crime you never committed?

To paraphrase Anabel, the safe, but sorry indoor Calico cat, “I feel like dog sh-t.”

During an animal communication session with her and her guardian, I sensed the reason she made it a point to poop outside the box was to make a stink about her solitary confinement. She figured, and she was right, that eventually her guardian would become so distraught she would finally seek help.

Yes, there are speeding cars, and – human and non-human predators whose very presence in your area makes you want to keep your cat safely tucked away until death do you part.

And yes, some cats absolutely love being indoor cats all their lives.

This post is on behalf of the indoor cats who don’t love it, who actually hate it.

Over the years, many a sorry indoor cat have convinced me in my animal communication sessions that they are pretty streetwise and are far more savvy and alert than their guardians might be in the presence of danger.

Know your cat. Trust your cat. Let go, let live. If your indoor cat wants out, let ‘im out.

A life well-lived is a life worth dying for. A stifled life is no life at all. Good as dead.

Our society puts us in control of our cats’ destiny. But the truth is, regardless of what a cat license says, we are not the owners.

Update on Anabel: Last I heard, she was out and no longer on parole; she had listened to her guardian’s request not to venture out of the yard. Traces of  ‘discontent’ in the house naturally became non-existent.  Which made being indoors a lot more pleasant for her guardian.

Every creature is born with the nature-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We do not have the right to take that away from anyone but ourselves. Right?:)

If you feel that your indoor cat is safe, but sorry, and putting up a big stink in one way or another, make an appointment for an animal communication session with me.    Join – at the top of the sidebar to your left – my private email list and receive 40% off your first session.

Together we will create a win/win situation that will help you feel safe in allowing your feline friend to have the freedom s/he craves.

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