Change Happens in Jane’s Talks With Pets Phone Sessions

There’s more in the sound of your voice  than you might think

No worries, your pets don’t need to be by the phone during our Talks With Pets Phone Session, only you do. (Whats App on your smartphone includes free international calls.)

Your pets, as well as others close to your heart, are energetically connected to you beyond the physical illusion of separation. Their essence resonates in your energy field just as yours does in theirs. And the sound of your voice is a perfect representative vibration, so to speak, of your entire energy field.

During a Talks With Pets Phone Session, Jane tunes into the energetic sound frequency of your voice, enabling her to connect heart-to-heart with your pets. It’s as if she is right there in their presence, gazing into their eyes, feeling what they’re feeling, hearing what they’re saying. She feels in her heart and in her body, what they feel in theirs. So believe it or not, a pet photo is not needed.

Resolve issues with as many animals, humans included, as the length of the session will allow.

For questions about how she works, or for scheduling a phone, Whats App, FB Messenger, or possibly an emailed or in-person session,

call or text Jane on her cell:
(805) 680-9432

or email her at either address:

[email protected]
[email protected]

To pay for a session, please click on a Paypal button, and use either your credit card, or Paypal Account

Fifteen-minute session $44:
Forty-minute session $88:
Sixty-minute session $122: