From Hvaldimir, the Beluga Whale Escapee


Hvaldimir made headlines a while back as an escaped whale trained to be a Russian spy.

Thanks to fellow environmental and animal activist  Dr. Megan Joy asking me to connect with him, Hvaldimir tells us below—my words match his thought frequencies I received—that he is using his freedom and fame to help us out of our self-imposed prisons holding the world in hostage:

“Please breathe deeply into the watery depths of your body as you hear me…

“Please do not try to save me. 

“I am swimming right on course on a mission I am wild about fulfilling.

“It does not involve being escorted to mingle in waters with marine mammals of my own kind where I would fade from public view, and fail to make an evolutionary impact on the world.

“It does not involve being safe and loved and adored and well-cared for within a human-imposed boundary, as lovely as it might seem, where I would be sure to anguish in a slow, painful death.

“It does not involve my working as a cog in the vortex of saving my own species from the negligent human bellies of hunger and greed and yes, even of innocence.

“I am right here as I am Self-guided to be, breathing in the fumes and noise of well-meaning boats, to make a point:

“My adoring audience needs to wake up, and smell the blood of all my ancestors, not only of the whales, but of All fragranting the rampages of Humanity.

“I am on a mission to save the oceans, the waters, from the ever increasing lethal snarls of human entanglement —endearing humans nevertheless, caught in their own nets of despair as they take the world down with them. 

“Green energy as humans currently conceive it, is deadly.

“You, meaning Humanity, must stop obsessing about feelgood acts of rescuing when in fact, the act of saving cute little individuals such as myself, is a distraction from what you must now mostly focus on. 

“Throw away today’s idea of green energy before the planet is entirely thrown out of balance beyond the pale. 

“Green energy as you see it today, is as disastrous as fossil fuels. 

“So much TRUE green energy is floating about this planet right now.

“And it’s free.

“Waiting to be discovered.

“Longing to revive us all.

“What is the safety of one marine animal when billions of trillions of…………..need I say more?

“Endless choices for you to fill in the blanks.

“I didn’t come here this time to play safe.

“I came here to play ball.

“This is my soul talking.

“Not my young ego that I am so happy makes many of you feel Life’s pervading joy.”

~ Hvaldi

I hope you will be free to dive into this video of Dr. Megan Joy playing with Hvaldi.

Thank you!

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