Spirit and Animal Communication Classes and Events with Jane Broccolo

Please contact me to register, or if you do not live near the location of the following 5 classes and would like to host any of them in your state at a later date, or prefer them as a teleseminar or webinar, please call, text, or email me.

Power Animal Series

In Shamanism, power animals are wild. As spirit animals, they come to us on the etheric plane to assist us in accessing inner strengths and wisdom on our journeys through life. Pets are not considered power animals, except in the case of a rare exception. As a longtime animal communicator and medium, I experience pets as born power animals, except in the case of a rare exception.

Each class is complete─a benefit in and of itself─regardless of whether you can take the whole series or only take one.

1st Class: Pet or Power Animal?

Pets usually shower us with abundant affection and entertainment; in a way, those blessings alone, make them our power animals. In this class, you will learn how to help fulfill your pets’ ambition to be recognized as power animals supporting you with unique insights on ways to fulfill your potential, purpose, goals, and needs. In turn, you will become more of your pets’ power animal by helping them play out their own personal destinies.

2nd Class: Meet Your Spirit Animals

Reach in to the other side to meet your power animals, as spirits working behind the scenes to assist you. They may be wild animals. They may be your beloved pets who transitioned over. They may be both. Either way, isn’t it high time that you meet the animal ghost writers helping you with your life’s script?

3rd Class:  Messages from Your Spirit Animals

This is where we get into some meaningful conversations with them. Ask them anything that you really need to know. They’ve been talking to you all along. Except, now, you’ll be able to hear your spirit animals more clearly, and consciously make better life choices with their input.

Series Price: $111                                                                                            Individual Classes: $44                                                                                        Available Spaces: 15                                                                                              Where: Morgan Hill, CA                                                                                                  Date: 6/7/18─Pet or Power Animal?                                                                    Date: 6/21/18─Meet Your Spirit Animals

          Time for Above 2 Classes: 6:30-8:00

                         Date: 7/7/18─Messages From Your Spirit Animals                      Time: 4:30-6:00

The following 2 Classes are not part of the Series, but are also held in Morgan Hill, California:

A Big Nerve You’ve got Being an Animal Communicator

Say hello to your vagus nerve(not entirely shown in the photo). I have one, too. All mammals do. The vagus nerve is the oldest, most accurate animal communicator in the world. At least, that’s my sense of it. It extends all the way from the gut, the 3rd chakra of gut feelings, to the 6th chakra, the 3rd eye of telepathy. (All mammals have chakras, too:) The vagus nerve conducts deep communication not only between you and your pets, but within every relationship in your life. Come listen to it speak volumes to you, and everyone around you.

Price: $44                                                          Morgan Hill                                                                                                                        Date/Time to TBA


‘Text’ Your Pets When You’re not Home 

Dealing with a pet’s separation anxiety? Feeling guilty that the dog or bird is bored and lonely all day while you’re at work? Afraid the cat might pee outside the box again, just for spite? Wish you could remind the Chiwawa not to attack the Lab? Need to tell your pets that dinner will be running late? Or you left them scared at the kennel, or the vets? Come learn an easy way to ‘text’ reassurance to your pets that literally could be a welcomed breather from even tech-texting your human pets.

Price: $44                                                                                                                        Morgan Hill                                                                                                                  Date/Time to TBA


Please contact me to register and/or ask questions.


Coming to Your Senses in the Redwood Forest

Please join me and possibly others on a day you choose, to breathe in through every pore of your being, the refreshing stillness of the Redwood Forest.            

Feel wholly alive, alert, and present like an animal, at home in the natural world.

At peace, as Nature intended.

Coming to your senses in the Redwood Forest opens you to receive important messages from the depths of the forest’s soul…the heights of pure potential resonating through all of nature…down to the humble earthworm and violet shamrock petals blanketing the redwood soil.

When we walk out of the forest, you will have your answers along with a relaxed body, and a full heart.

Let me show you how.

Please contact me for details on how we can shape the event around your needs so it makes total sense to you why this might be just what your spirit is craving. Thank you.

                                                        ∼ Jane Broccolo

We are the pillars of  your strength

The journey of your life

Your destiny standing still

for you to catch up and sink your roots

into our soul.

                                           ∼ Spirit of the Redwood Forest

Sunday, June 12, 2016, in Sacramento, CA

I will be giving mini animal communication sessions at Booth#5, and a free talk in Room #1, at the Holistic Living Expo. This is a fun expo. Free talks all day. Soothing healing booths. Intuitive insights to complement your own. Crystals and hand-crafted jewelry to indulge your senses, and an aura of wonder and excitement to immerse them.

My free talk – description below – is at 1:30:

“How to Talk with Your Pets in Their Own Language”

This is about the primary language of animals nonhuman and human…the silent way we listened and spoke fluently as infants before our human verbal skills kicked in. It’s about talking like an animal, plain & simple. Come prepared to have a full body experience. No barking, Lol.