About Animal Communicator Jane


Jane Broccolo here with more about-me…that is, if you want it: Aside from being as you already know, an animal, nature, and spirit communicator, I also help enhance via long-distance phone sessions, physical healings as an ‘energy therapist’ occasionally using my skills as a Polarity Wellness Practitioner and Reiki Master. I am an animal rights activist since age four, a freelance writer on the human-animal connection, author of the book, LIKE AN ANIMAL When Being Human is not Enough, and founder of Talks With Pets and Animal Self Empowerment.

Since over three decades now–one spent in Sedona, AZ following my NY certification–I’ve facilitated way over a myriad of human and nonhuman animals in fulfilling their highest potentials as spiritual beings having an earthly experience.

I hopefully give you more dimension and meaning to animal communication, a whole body conversation that affects every relationship in every area of our lives; including the sweet, little earthworm I just saw aerating the soil for maybe the next broccoli wannabees.

We all benefit. And we all win in relationships where the truth that we are all one has the loving space to reach heightened levels of all won.™

Animal Communicator Jane BroccoloLooking back to the mid-last century when I was a wee child whose only friends were a dear equine confidante, sweet sheep, goats, chickens, dogs, cats, and terrified, cramped together in a cage, bigger-than-me birds, I still feel as I did then, how blessed I was to have had them by my side. I think most of them felt the same way.

To this day, I remember how to communicate using our innate, primary, preverbal language to help me recognize like an animal, Truth’s Beauty pervading all of life.

When I was nineteen or twenty, my first writing about experiencing beauty in the undesirable was published. Much later, my instant recognition of beauty literally saved my life thanks to a field of cows. I much more often than not, remember to choose beauty as the natural undercurrent directing my work as an animal communicator, writer, and healing mentor for animals and their people.

I live in northern California, a few miles from the coast, yet I so love invitations to fly internationally at the drop of a leash to give workshops and a bunch of private sessions far more than I appreciate being glued to Zoom…though I certainly do enjoy giving private phone sessions whilst sitting on an indoor or outdoor rock, or anywhere here in nature that will have me with my phone in hand.

Please contact me directly–preferably by text or a call–via WhatsApp if you’re outside of the US–for scheduling, and/or for any questions you might have about arranging time with me.

Thank you so much!