The Animal Rights of a $9,000 Dog

Even the mere concept of buying a dog seems ethically repulsive when you can instead rescue a pedigree from a shelter for a couple of hundred or less. A pure animal rights person would never give a penny to an upscale reputable breeder. It’s a strict moral issue among us activists.

But, hello, the $9,000 dog was a rescue dog, after all.

When my client had an animal communication session with me over the phone about a simple issue, I felt that his dog seemed in some respects as emotionally damaged as the standard rescue dog. Scared of almost everything, he certainly was not the true confident dog every canine is born to be. (Rest assured, after a couple of sessions, he now seems pretty confident and happy:)

When we meet people with expensive animals, we might want to think twice before we turn our noses up at them for buying an animal when they could have saved one, instead.

A dog, or a cat, or a gerbil bred solely for profit, is as worthy of a happy life as is any animal in the pound. As is any animal, period.

We are all full of contradictions. We animal rights people judge harshly those who pay big bucks to animal breeders, yet so many of our group breed babies, instead of rescuing them from ‘the human pound,’ aka, orphanage.

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