Animal communicators are skilled experts in animal communication, but sometimes only human in what they tell you.

Egg is on my animal communication face as I see again the limits of human logic. I received an email this morning from a client who called late last night to tell me his cat was missing for 3 days. Naturally, he was upset. Against my instinctual knowing, I did not have the heart to […]

Human Spirit?

A friend was telling me how great he thinks the human spirit is in reference to the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. It’s amazing how amazed people are when they see how people, after suffering horrific trauma, eventually feel reborn – empowered – with the help of millions of their own species supporting and […]

PBS’ flickering “Human Spark”

Narrator Alan Alda, makes a feeble attempt to make us feel good about defiling the world in the recent PSB video, “The Human Spark” that shows us we have two brain functions–insight and imagination–that separate us from (other)animals.Wrong. I know many non-human animals with insight and imagination capabilities equal to, if not superior to ours. […]