Rehabs for Meat Addicts

I could have used the support of a rehab while I was in recovery from meat addiction in 1978.  It was pretty lonely back then. Now, you can go online and instantly receive support and encouragement if you’re a vegan newbie, or wannabee.

Thanks to All Creatures posting yesterday an article about the new book, Meat Hooked, my memory recovered bits from my long ago recovery experience to share with those who might be having a tough time giving up their meat and dairy addictions.

This little tidbit from “Blood Thirst,” chapter 16, from my own book, Like an Animalis meant to give you something to chew on when you think you just gotta get your meat/cheese fix:

“What would we do without cannibals such as Jeffrey Dahmer to remind us of what we are in the historic black holes of our hearts? 

      What are our empty hearts craving when we drool at the mere thought of sinking our teeth into the flesh of an animal? Vitamin B12?  (We can get that from a vegan sublingual tab.)

      The taste of who we were, or are yet to become? 

      We already know meat and dairy are the number one cause of colon cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and a multitude of other deadly diseases, including obesity. What are we after?

      How is Jeffrey Dahmer’s palate any different than our own, aside from the fact that he ate the flesh of human animals? Aren’t we also cannibals lusting after the blood of animals who, in the larger scheme of life are our blood relatives?”

Jeffrey Dahmer is just another meat addict. So he ate humans. So what? Even Science and the Pope finally now say that we are not superior to other living beings. Just different. Just as every species is different from others.

According to our mom, mother nature, we’re all born equal in the scheme of life on earth. She’s the true democrat.

If humanity, like every species, lived with respect for the democratic law of nature, as free as the animals we haven’t yet got our hands on, there would be no unhealthy addictions to separate us from the awesome animals we truly are.

Want to start a “Meat Rehab” with me? I’m creating a fun 13-step program for recovering addicts.

We’ll put meat addiction right where it belongs with heroin and meth.

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