Who’s That Ape in My Mirror?

I just signed a petition asking Air France to stop transporting primates for research labs. Not that any of us are totally innocent of the extreme cruelty inflicted on animals more or less a strand or two away from being human.

Using primates, or any feeling, sensitive, heart-based animal – mice included – in research labs is primitive, an obsolete money-making scam.

Injecting our diseases into animals is an inaccurate method of medical research perpetrated by ‘mid-evil’ humans running rampant in ‘disconnect mode.’ The outmoded practice breeds results inferior to 21st Century computerized medical research technology.

Signing a petition eases my conscience ever so slightly, but just enough to realize how far we have yet to travel in our evolution to where the word, “humane” is truly backed by kindness.

Eventually we might come to appreciate with a whole mind  that the ape in our mirror is us. Like all life, we are quite extraordinary.

Difficult to imagine a world no longer afflicted by pain. Compassion would not be needed. It would cease to exist.

And only joy would be our reflection as the ape, or the mouse, stare back at us.

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