When Wild Lives Become Backyard Pests…

…please do no harm. Instead, talk to the little perpetrators heart-to-heart, the way of animal communication, our primary language.

Whoever they are, upsetting your space, chomping on the roots of your fruit trees and vegetable gardens, creating a stink, gnawing at the walls of your home, chewing on your car engine wires, finishing off your cereal before you wake up, being your garden variety backyard pests, be humble. Talk to them.

They’re smarter than us. They know how to listen, how to create harmony.

Two emails Bev Shintani in Oregon sent me about her backyard pests:

May 12, 2011:

“Jane, I have a problem with some raccoons leaving a poop pile in the same place, every year. Each year, as it progresses into summer, the pile grows and grows, and the stench gets stronger and stronger. I’m wondering if we can ask them to stop leaving the mess. I’ve tried cayenne pepper, and other such “natural” things, but no results.”

May 9, 2015, Bev’s reply to my email yesterday, asking about the raccoons:

“The raccoons. I have not seen a trace of them since our a.c. session four years ago. Nothing. I check for poop piles from time to time, but the place remains clean.

“I would be delighted for you to share the poop story. It may help someone else, or at least make them aware that they can resolve “backyard pest” issues without doing any harm.”

You don’t have to be in the animals’ physical presence to ask them to work with you. We’re all connected, remember? Even Einstein said we’re all one, us and the entire universe.

Might as well make it all won, while we have the option.

You don’t need me to do the talking for you, but I will, if you want.

Thank you for listening.

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