Help Wild Horses Keep Our Spirits High

We all love the feeling of wild horses kicking up their heels, galloping with manes flying through infinity across America’s great landscapes and the untamed scope of our dreams.                                       

Thanks to American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, I found the chance to talk Trump out of breaking our hearts and potentially wiping every wildly spirited beauty off the face of the earth.

What I told him:

“Dear President Elect Donald J. Trump,

Beneath your rabid, deceptive bravado, I have at moments, experienced you as a deeply sensitive, caring, and often misunderstood, tender and endearing soul.

      You have it in your power to have history ordain you as America’s unanimously most beloved president ever.

      Or as the most hated, equal only to Hitler and his cohorts.

      Keeping America’s greatest symbol of freedom alive would add to your feat list, and would certainly contribute to making history proud.

      Please keep our wild horses and burros free to roam. Not only in America’s memory, but on our great wildlands that help Americans be deliciously wild at heart.

       Thank you.”

Now, it’s your turn to voice your passion with two clicks to save ‘our’ horses, ‘our’ wildlands, and ourselves more grief.

Another crucial way to help wild horses save us poor creatures, is to go vegan.  Letting go of unhealthy meat and dairy consumption makes our beloved land free for the wild to thrive.

Thank you for helping keep our spirits high.

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