A Sentimental Swim with a Sea Turtle…

"Swimming with Sea Turtles" by Susan Clifton
“Swim with Me” by Susan Clifton

This turtle painting by Artist Susan Clifton takes me back to the time I was  straddling the bow of a boat sailing full stream ahead over the Bermuda Triangle.

I clung to the rails as I was swept through dimensions of our ancient past.

That was the feeling I got from the brilliant gold turtle springing out of the deep blue depths of the Atlantic, very close and personal to me.

His stare penetrating the depths of my soul felt as if we were once upon a time in an enchanted place called, Lemuria, guardians of the wild creatures of the deep, ancient environmentalists, so to speak.

Today, back on dry land, sitting at my computer on this dark gray day, I take a quick leap into the shimmering true blue of Susan’s painting. I feel the turtle’s ‘wing’ brush chills over me, reminding me of where it all began, and where it might all end.

There are seven sea turtle species. Wikipedia says five of them are on endangered or critically endangered lists.  But I will not think about this, now.

Instead, I bask in swimming through that moment captured in time. Susan’s print  makes a beautiful imprint on my heart, stirring up perhaps an ancient genetic memory of that first primal outburst of Life on this exquisite planet.

When all was as it is meant to be with Life on earth.

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