Ew, a Hare in my Whole Foods Rabbit Stew

Typo: hair, not hare. Nothing worse than finding a hair in your rabbit stew. You immediately imagine the hair’s origin.  A greasy head. Or worse, a greasy, scaly head belonging to a body whose owner thinks “hygiene” is a greeting.

The worst: What if the hair belongs to the rabbit in the rabbit stew? Even sleazier microbes, considering how rabbits are farmed.

What a dysfunctional species we are.

What a trickster Whole Foods is, their “Humane Meat” b.s. exposed, thanks to DXE, the cut to the core, tell it like it is, in your face non-profit organization that tells WF consumers what they’ve been swallowing whole. Nothing short of indigestible lies uncovered in this undercover video.


But then, we need lies to maintain our disconnect.

We lie to ourselves by failing to wrap our hearts around the fact that there is a rabbit – maybe a hare – a once breathing, sweet, scared, gentle, loving bunny in the stew!




We rationalize above it all, that after all, Whole Foods is quite advanced to go out of their way to whisk our guilt out of our own ways, as we head down the aisle to pay for a rabbit, a chicken’s breast, a lamb’s leg, a baby’s rack of ribs, a calf’s milk, a whatever.

Though our hearts know better, our conscious minds read the face value of the writing on Whole Foods’ wall; all the bodyparts and bodily fluids in their cases come from carcasses of once happy animals who all had a wonderful life…according to the “humane” lie we conveniently buy into.

It’s only polite to buy into lies when the perpetrator has gone through A sign above a Whole Foods meat and seafood section claiming "A hearty helping of Animal Compassion with every order."

painstaking trouble to make them up to help us feel good.

And we do so relish the cushy feeling of being treated like the privileged upper whatever percent when we enter the Whole Foods environment adorned with signs of Compassion at the carrion counter.

The fleshy delights, regardless of the individuals they once belonged to, are enticing in the butchers’ sparkling clean, glass cases.

Displayed breasts and thighs so pretty in pink. Splayed hips and ribs in marbleized red. Who can resist?

But getting back to the main subject of this post, the hair.

A hair is a hair. And finding it out of place, is pretty gross. Totally unacceptable. Forget the rabbit. S/he’s already dead. The hair is a live entity. Or at least its microbes are, we fear.

Trusting you’re still with me, let’s leave the hair and the rabbit stew far behind us, and take an instant leap and bound into thriving from the possibilities of this quote from Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary:

“If we could be happy and healthy without causing others harm, why wouldn’t we?”

Why wouldn’t you?

Humanity doesn’t have to keep on being the hair in Life’s stew.


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