Most Essential Way to Ease Our Pets’ ‘End-of-Life’ Transition

The thought of losing a dying pet is excruciating. We project unbearable
grief and pity into those beautiful eyes staring back at us, with life still
breathing through them.

Yet our pets’ end of life transition can be as nature designed: a deeply enriching adventure of letting go for both us and our pets.

We need to stop projecting pain, for our pets’ sake, and for our own.

When we intend to look, instead, with love – not longing, not pity, not pain –
into those eyes – we feel, and so does your pet,┬áthe memory of the joyful moments we shared, and might still share, together.

Feeling the joy that binds us instantly dissolves the suffering that separates
us, allowing our pets to naturally feel more at peace in their transitions.

My years of experience in working with clients as a spirit medium and animal communicator tell me that death is a mere shedding of one’s body to travel lighter on the never ending adventure called, “Life.”


  1. Hi I have a pig with a spinal tumour which means sometimes he can’t get up as his back legs give way but cortizone injections have helped but the day will come when I have to say good bye I also have a dog with terminal jaw cancer he’s 13 I’m devestated knowing the time will come when I have to let him go too

    1. Tina, I am so sorry to hear about the ordeal that your sweet pig and canine friend are undergoing, yet, on a deeper level it is beautiful that you have created such a loving space for them to experience what they need to at this time. They are so deeply grateful to you. I feel that your canine friend feels that he has let you down by being ill, that he feels somewhat bitter about not being able to come through for you in the way that he wants to as your strong man. I know that you fully embrace him without any complaint about the hardship that he might be causing you…but he needs you to constantly reassure him of that…and I know you know how to do that since you understand animals so well and animals are naturally drawn to you for that very reason. I do feel that your pig will ask soon for help to leave. I am wishing you much love and peace in helping them transition. I only hope that you are nurturing yourself, as well. I really admire your strength and commitment. Thank you.

  2. Dear Jane,

    A little over 2 weeks ago I lost my 21 TB gelding Thor due to a sudden and painful rectal impaction. Did not have a sign it would happen. Now I am faced with having to put down my 31 year old horse…hes is so lonely, arthritic and just plain sad. My heart is broken and if even possible, breaking even more knowing what is ahead next week. How can I ever feel any peace again? I keep thinking I should have know and could have prevented Thor’s death. I cannot shake the guilt. Now who do I know it is really Gunner’s time to go??? He struggles every Winter and we always think we are going to lose him. Now he is alone and so depressed. Found your business card locally. Can you help??? Heartbroken in Whitefish…..

    1. Valerie, I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. I will send you an email in a few minutes. Please be sure to check your spam file, in case it lands there. Best way to help Gunner right now is to breathe deep into forgiving yourself; that will not only lift your spirit, but his, as well.


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