Thousands Might Die because of BO

Barack Obama, there are thousands of pure bred hypoallergenic dogs
in shelters across this country that you rule.

Thanks to you, thousands of Americans who never even heard of a
Portuguese Water Dog will now be inspired to create a huge market
for them to be born into thanks to your acceptance of Ted Kennedy’s
pampered “rescue dog”.

Remember the movie, 101 Dalmatians? Audiences around the country
ran out of the theaters to fill their shopping carts with Dalmatians.

Remember, a few months later, most of those Dalmatians were then
sent to death row in shelters around the country? You know very
well that a majority of Americans tire of their new toys as quickly
as they break their word as a matter of convenience.

Regarding the welfare of animals, you are as without heart as
Sarah Palin.

And you know what statistics say about people who abuse animals.
(Your flip remark about the new White House pup being a “rescue dog”
was patronizing to voters, and it was extremely insensitive to the pain
and suffering of non-human animals .)
Not too strong a comparison for me to make about you when one
considers the consequences of your decision, a careless choice
apparently derived solely from your frontal cortex.

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