Among the Bird-Brained, Size does not Matter.

I look out my window. In the distance two birds on a wire. I assume
they are mates. One presumably the female is smaller than the other
who sits within an inch by her side to her right.

Suddenly, a larger bird comes in for an abrupt landing about two feet from
where the love birds sit. The female, startled, moves closer to her male
partner who moves about three inches farther down the wire from the
menacing bird. The female scurries in closer to him for protection.

The big bird to her left slowly inches his way to his easy target.

She turns her head to her mate and mutters something. He does nothing. She turns, looks at the big bird before turning back to her mate to make another plea. Nothing.

She gives up, leaves her mate behind and flies to safer ground on a wire a few yards away.

She waits for her lover to follow. He does not. Is he passive, passive/aggressive, not intimidated, stupid?

She flies back to sit to his left again. This time, knowing or merely assuming that her mate is weaker than she, she defies all fear, bravely turns and faces the big, bad bird twice her size. She eases her way closer to the big guy who by some miracle, senses her fearlessness, and makes a beeline out of sight to safety.

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