Recycling Pain…

This morning I woke up far from a teardrop of joy in my eye.
I felt anchored to the bottom of the sea with lead in my heart.
Whenever depressed, I have no other choice but to breathe
deep within to find the cause.

Usually, the heavy feeling is  caused by my thoughts about poor me.        But often it has to do with someone in my life who is feeling bad                from his or her own creation of self-pity. I usually call whoever Isuspect for a reality check and get a yes, s/he was down about this or that.

But this morning when I checked in to see why I was feeling so
awful, I saw in my mind’s eye a pig factory farm. As my heart
zoomed in closer to get a better feel, I saw the misery of these
poor, intelligent empaths condemned to suffer a horrid life in our
human-made Dante-esque Infernos.

If my little canine empath feels, and then, reflects back to me
my pain and my joy, perhaps I could recycle the pain that I feel
emanating from the pigs – including the pain I feel for them – into joy.

Would these empaths then feel the joy?

Would you?

Absolutely. Perhaps. In our dreams.

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