Ask Any Barking Dog

Like any animal, humans have an innate capacity for empathy: the ability to feel in our bodies what someone else is feeling in his/her own body, i.e., suppressed emotions.

Sometimes, when I cho0se not  to funnel my anger through non-violent communication, I dramatize it much to the chagrin of who(m)ever is within earshot. The good news is, the discomfort lasts for a very short time for both me and my ‘victim(s)’.

As unacceptably hot-blooded this method might seem to you, isn’t yelling kinder and more honest as a last resort? Isn’t it healthier for everyone than the civilized way of suppressing anger in our bodies for an agonizing length of time?

Suppressing anger is sure to wilt the well-being of those around us, as well   as fester disease in those who would never allow themselves to look bad by expressing it.

Next time your dog seems to be barking at nothing, ask if the barking dog is venting something that needs to be released in you.

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