Pro-Death Sarah Palin

Have you seen the photo of cold-hearted Sarah Palin and her little daughter squatting, their knees rubbing against the back of an innocent
gunned-down bloody moose?
His body is prone, his head is raised, his mouth is open, bellowing out    pain and horror as his eyes recede into his head the moment before his death.

Imagine how excruciating and painful his cry would be for you, if you   were the one squatting down next to him. But, obviously not for  Palin whose only concern was for the camera.

Pity that America is full of women who, unlike Palin, can’t bear to see any human or non-human animal suffer, yet,  like Sarah, cover up their low self-esteem with acts of bravado to compete with men.

Tragic for the whole planet that our country is still over-populated with a
noisy majority of castrated men and women buying into the lie that a liberated woman is one who has learned like a man to brutally ignore, and even inflict pain and suffering onto others whenever they can get away with it.

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