Love is Most Effective in Animal Communication

Unlike animal training, animal communication is not about manipulation. It’s about love. Pure unconditional love no matter how long it takes for a cat to agree to pee in the box, or a dog to get in the car.

Bob is an 18-month-old Golden Retriever pup. His guardians spent thousands of dollars to have him fully trained by his breeders.

Not only was the training of no avail, Bob’s self-esteem was low like that of a brutally beaten stray. But he was not a stray, nor was he beaten physically. Just brow-beaten.

When my new client called a few days ago, she said that Bob was so on edge and easily frightened for weeks the moment she picked him up from the breeders.

She called specifically to ask for my help in coaxing Bob to get in the car. He would shudder and shake on the ground by the open car door. He was too heavy for her to lift and put in the car.

During my animal communication session with her over the phone, I asked her to breathe deeply, and relax into the love she felt for Bob, while I also connected with Bob with love. I told him how safe he was, how much his guardian loved him, how much fun it would be if he would get in the car so that she could take him to exciting places to explore.

I recommended to my client that she tell Bob often each day how safe and loved he is, and what fun it would be if he would get in the car whenever she asked him to.

The day after our session, she called to say that with a little
nudge from her, Bob climbed into the car.

Today, three days later, she emailed me to say that “Bob jumped
into the car!”

This evening, she told me how excited she is that Bob seems so empowered and pleased with himself now.

Now, a whole new world of scents and sounds are at his feet every time he jumps into the car and is driven somewhere wonderful.

Love. Love is the answer. It always is.

For behavior or any issues you and your pets might have, please feel free to call or email me for an animal communication session by phone.

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