It’s not just about your animals.
It’s about you.

There’s more to your animals and you than you might think. . .

Hello, my name is Jane Broccolo, Animal Communicator and Spirit Medium.

During my many years of facilitating human and non-human animals in becoming all that they can be, I experienced that intuition, empathy, telepathy, and compassion are not only human traits, but also ‘come with the territory’ in all animals. At least all mammals – as Science is already proving.

Most animals are so wise that if I were to open up a dialog between you and your pets, they could give you helpful, and often profound insights about you, as well as themselves.

Often many issues that people have with their pets are because the pets are mirroring – acting out – imbalances in their people. When this is the case, animal communication can help resolve your own personal issues.

My own method of animal communication, often combining ‘long-distance’ healing energy-work, yields unexplainable results: Nervous pets become calm, cats agree not to leave the yard, arthritic joints are soothed, recovery from surgery and illness is quickened, transitions – end of life, or otherwise – are eased, insecure animals become confident, destructive ones cooperate, and all involved including you, get to breathe a deep sigh of relief. That’s how powerful animal communication is. And I do it mostly by phone.

There’s more to my animal communication work than you might think…

I invite you to move beyond thinking to hearing instead what your pets have to say in an Animal Communication session with me.

I know from experience that when we listen to our animals for a change, Change happens. The peace we’ve been longing for jumps into our hearts and changes the world, or at least our own little worlds.

Thank you for visiting this site for animal communication. I believe your pets now wait for their turn to speak:)