About resolving pet behavior issues and/or your own personal issues…

Hi Jane,

I just wanted to tell you how much better Piper and Coco are doing…so much better!

Piper is more relaxed in general.

They still fuss at my roommate Cassidy, but only once in a while. Even when I’m not here they are better with her.

So everything is looking up! Thank you so much for your help!

Allison Woody, Police Records Tech, California

“A session with Jane opened up an entirely new relationship with my animal beings. Jane is truly gifted in this form of communication and healing. Our pets are speaking to us, they have needs, they have a purpose, they have personalities, and they deserve to be heard and understood. This special form of communication that Jane offers in her sessions creates this unique, powerful, and healing opportunity. Thank you 💜

Corinna Kateri, Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master , Mt. Shasta, CA

“Jane is definitely a talented channelor. She was spot-on with my animals, and in aligning with a therapy horse in uncovering a medical condition that I was struggling with as well as some other life-related issues. I appreciate her wisdom and would refer her to anyone who needs some guidance as well as help with their pets.”

—Christina Samycia, PsyD, Author, ChristinaSamyciapsyd.com

“Jane! Still thinking about how after weeks of trying to get feral Bella to pee in the box, she actually peed in the box right in the middle of our communication session with her. A miracle. THANK YOU JANE!”

Veda Stram, Author, AllCreatures.Org, WA

“Hi Jane. Darcy is being good, not chasing Annie. She changed immediately after our session, and for the most part has stayed close to me and coming when I call her. She only had to be scolded twice about the road.

“Annie, now, an indoor and outdoor cat again thanks to you, comes too, when I call her.

“Thank you again for your help!”

—Patsy Fortier, Auburn, California

“Hi Jane,

“I just wanted to give you an  update…already!  I took Jack and Zoe out for their evening walk, and for the first time Jack didn’t try and crawl up my leg and want to be carried!  He very confidently walked right by my side with his tail up looking happy.

“We saw Charlie Dog on our walk, and not only did Jack go up to him to say hi (usually Jack runs away from other dogs, terrified), but Zoe was so good and happy with Charlie, she wasn’t aggressive with him at all!  Zoe just kept smiling and looking back at me. Even Charlie’s ‘owner’ noticed how good both Jack and Zoe  were today .

“Also, a friend of mine came over this evening.  Last time, Jack was very nervous around her, he even lunged at her at one point like he was going to bite her, but tonight he was completely at ease with her!

“He even kept stepping up onto her lap to give her kisses!  Thank you so much, today was amazing!

“What a pleasure my relationship with Jack and Zoe has been since your help.  I wish I had found you when I had my Bailey so that I could have had an even better connection with him, but I’m so grateful for the knowledge I have now.

“It seems so simple, but it’s so powerful!”

 —Lisa Cash, Actress, Los Angeles, California

“During a session with Jane, my feisty feline adventurer agreed never to leave the yard, again. Hasn’t broken his word, in the years since. Thank you, Jane!”

—Elizabeth Avila, MS, Computer Scientist, Musician, California

Hi Jane, many, many thanks to you!!!!
If we hadn’t found you, Shirley would probably have pined away and haunted me. You really helped her find her voice again (and is she loud! ).
Miracles do happen!

Bubba badly wanted to get up on the couch, and Shirley finally agreed to let him.

Thank you a million times!”

—Penny Bryant, Dog Groomer, Boulder Creek, California

“Thank you so much for our phone session, today, Jane! I truly appreciate  it! Ur talk with each of them has ALREADY MADE A DIFFERENCE in their behavior, especially L’s!” 

          —Kathy Mihok, HomeCare Attendant, PA

“Jane, Myles and I visited the grand kids and big kids in Indiana for a week and a half, and am so happy to report back to you the change in Myles with me. I kept telling Phil on the phone how well he adjusted to traveling, especially his  separation anxiety seemed to disappear.

Myles was left a few times at my son’s house and he did not have the anxiety (barking, crying, jumping at my clothes) when I left him sometimes up to four hours. Oh and we had stopovers in Baltimore and let me tell you he was so good, just watched everyone and never barked or whimpered.

I was even able to let him run off the lead a few times during our visit. He kept an eye on the grand kids and me and listened to us when we wanted him to “come” back to us. I am so pleased with his progress.

I am so happy we met you. We just love him so much!”

—Marcia Johnson, Rochester, NH

“OMG, Awesome!! Thank you, Jane, and my sweet canine soulmates – Annie and Susie!!! I always get so much out of our sessions over the years! You are amazing!!! All my relationships, starting with the one with myself are positively influenced thanks to the guidance and insights that come through.”

–A pediatrician and business owner who wishes to remain anonymous

“Jane! This is a photo of King sitting on my lap! A first time ever. I can’t believe that I wanted to get rid of him, he was so aloof, unapproachable, and nasty. Your session helped us so much!! Instead of clawing me every time I get close to him, he now jumps on me, and looks me straight in the eye. He even purrs, now. For a year, I wondered if he knew how. I am so grateful. Thank you so much!”

– Brandi, from Canada

“Jane, I have seen POSITIVE results since our animal communication session. The second day after our phone session my dog, Daisy, started sleeping in my room with Maddie and me – she is with Maddie all the time now so whatever you said to Daisy worked. Also, since your talk with Maddie, Maddie has been hanging out with the canine”pack” more too – not in my room by herself like before. She only pulled two things off the counter since – but the good news is she didn’t destroy the items.

I am so happy with her progress I have given your number to a couple different people.

Thank you so much and I will use your animal communication skills again if need be.”

–Wendy Moore, Realtor, California

​”Jane, ​ I find myself often quietly with one or both of the kitties, just looking, listening and feeling.  There’s so much more to these little things, who I now feel are not little at all, but vast living spirits, here as a reminder, and a link to the Divine.  I’ve never been a touchy feely kind of guy, but sometimes I pet one of these little guys, look into their eyes and I’m just brought to tears, tears of joy about what they are and what they do, and all I can do is let the tears flow and say thank you to them.

I’m so grateful for this, and so grateful for your guidance that played no small part in getting us here.”

– An attorney who asked to remain anonymous

“OMG, Jane!

I have SUCH good news for you! First, my ‘seeing-is- believing photo’…proof to you, of your amazing work!!:

Of course, I called my mom the second I got off the phone after my session with you. She said that at about 7:00 her time (which would have been about half way through our session), both of the cats got extremely relaxed. George actually walked right by Nemo without even a hiss. They even stood next to each other by the food bowls, eating together!

And my mom said George was a perfect gentleman throughout the entire weekend, and he and Nemo actually played a little on Sunday!

Thank you so much for that session! It was as beneficial for me as it was for George…that’s for sure!

And I’ve been connecting with him 2 or 3 times a day for about 5 minutes each time, just as you taught me to do in the session. I even taught my husband, Court, your way of doing it, and so now he’s been having little chats with George, too:)

Thank you so very much!!”

Tammy Butler, Colorado

“Jane, I learn more about myself in resolving pet behavior issues with you than I ever could with years of going to a shrink!

Great results from our animal communication session yesterday: When I go to feed the horses in the morning, they all rush up to me except for Sabria whoshy horse always hangs back. But, this morning, she walked towards me and had this beautiful loving look in her eyes! I went to meet her and she actually moved closer to me and let me wrap my arms around her! It was wonderful. We have a whole new attitude with each other, now.

And ever since we asked my Nada to stop waking me up in the middle of the night with her howls, she has! Except for the nights I forget to thank her before I go to sleep for letting me sleep:)”

–Dawn Kimball, Computer Scientist, California

My Cockatoo, Izzy, was screaming her head off cockatoowhenever I was home. Jane asked her in an animal communication session what was wrong and told me Izzy wanted a new companion. Jane even went with us to the sanctuary to pick out Izzy’s new friend.

Izzy is so much happier now and so am I in my now quiet and peaceful home!”

–Kristina Knapic, Senior Officer,  California

“As a former Marine Captain, never did I imagine I would call upon a therapist for any reason, much less for my cat! Dolly had spent two weeks completely hiding from me, coming out to eat and visit the sand box only when I was absent from the house. I never saw her. Soooo, I made that call to Jane for HELP!

Jane bridged that gap of trust between Dolly and me to such an extent, that now Dolly literally won’t leave my side, day or night. I strongly suggest contacting Jane for solving pet problems with her animal communication.”

–Tim McCollum, former Captain USMC, California

slide1“One animal communication session with Jane put an end to our Milo’s very destructive ways. Our once angry cat is now happy and content with us.”

–Peggy Stevens, Human Resources Director, California