About communicating with dying and deceased pets…

“Jane, thanks again for all of your help. I feel like a weight has been lifted.”

─Valerie Lloyd, Office Manager at PureWest Real Estate, Whitefish, Montana

“I first contacted Jane at the recommendation of a friend. My 21 year old sweetheart kitty was failing. I knew a difficult decision was imminent and I needed some way to communicate with him. Although Francesco was limp under my dining room table for almost 2 days, he came over to the phone and sat up proudly to be in on the conversation. It was shocking and reassuring. Jane knew so much about him and the personalities of the other cats he interacted with, so I trusted that when she said he wanted to go back to heaven, all would go well.

It did. He normally hates vets and shots but he was so ready and cooperative and friendly with the vet. I felt the communication between Jane, myself, and my cat was such a sacred moment. She also communicated his wishes about burial which I followed. I highly recommend her to anyone struggling with communicating about serious issues with their pets. …. Najia from Philadelphia”

—Najia is the owner of Bealivinggoddess.com/blog


“I definitely feel still very connected to Miles and feel that he has definitely transformed from even that cat I knew, to a much grander form.

“SO much in my life has changed since he left and I really feel that he has joined by the side of my guides and is directing me!  I still tell everyone about the reading with you and how amazing it was.

“My relationship with Flash has changed a lot (he was the orange cat walking into the room) that you quickly asked about when we got on the phone. I am wanting to ask you about the 3rd kitty Karma. We can connect with her in the next reading.

“I have attached a pic of me and Miles and a pic of the rainbow that showed up minutes after I got off the phone with you on our first reading. It was the brightest vibrating rainbow I have ever seen. When I  saw it out of the corner of my eye from the window….I just knew it was from Miles!”

—Christy Ogden, Owner, Divine Beauty Artists, Colorado

“Jane, I just got the autopsy results today. Wow, you amaze me!  Read the results:

“Roscoe had fluid in his heart and lungs, just like you sensed. And he had a cancer spot in his kidneys, just as you had suspected…though the vet was not aware at the time.

“And after our session with you and our deceased Roscoe, our Maltipoo, Mia, finally started eating her food. She seems happier, too, and no longer in mourning…

Thank you, Jane, for everything!”

—Lucy G., Los Angeles, California

“My husband and I first met Jane at a fair where she did a pet reading for us. We really connected with her and I kept her card for future use. Then came the time that we did have a reason to reach out to her, our beloved dog Bella passed away and we wanted to see if Jane could reconnect us to her on the spiritual plane. After our first session, it was intense and clearly Bella coming through.

“As we went through the mourning process, we called on Jane several more times. The last time we reached out to her was about a year after Bella had passed to see if Bella had reincarnated into a new dog. After a few times of checking in with Jane while looking at new dogs, we believe we have Bella reincarnated.

“Based on specific information Jane gave us, we found her again through a shelter Jane told us she would come through at the right time and she would possess similar characteristics and features that she had as Bella.

“Jane had mentioned in an earlier session, that Bella wanted to come back as a cat not a dog, and our new dog, Rosy, has whiskers like a cat, walks stealth-like through the house so we had to put a kitty bell on her collar, and she jumps up on counters and tables like a cat.

“If It weren’t for Jane, we wouldn’t have Rosy and closure to Bella’s passing. We highly recommend Jane if you have gone through the pains of losing a pet and want to dive more into how they are doing and if they want to come back to you and if they do, how to find them.”

─Jennifer Loesch, HR Director, Morgan Hill, CA


“Thank you again so very much for our session last night. It was reassuring and relieving to know that it was indeed an animal that took Lucy and not a human or automobile. We are glad to know she is finding some peace, going on a little vacation and will return to us sooner than later rejuvenated in a new kitty body without all the baggage of the previous incarnation.

“So glad to have found you and connected with you. Thank you so much for the work that you do.

“Happy Holidays! Much Love! Levin”

─Levin Rutherford, Owner, SerpentSpiral, Colorado

“Jane is magic, but in a very real way. She helped me connect with my dog who passed away in December. The messages she was able to relay to me were accurate (shockingly accurate, actually!) and so comforting. I highly recommend at least trying a session with her and your animal companion.”

Katie Johnson, Crystal-Reiki Master/Teacher, Washington

“Hi Jane. I don’t know if you remember me, but we did a phone session in 2010 after the passing of my heart-dog, Bart(Baba).

“I just recommended you to a friend who lost her precious baby dog at age 19 and is suffering greatly.

“Just wanted you to know that I think of your kind and uplifting words often. You were so helpful to me in a time of great need.

─Rachel Kaufman, M.A., NonProfit Occupation Professional, California 

“Jane, I am so grateful to you for all of your amazingly compassionate guidance, care and concern for Smokey and myself in our most helpless, frightening and heart wrenching hours.

“I want to let you know how much peace and solace you’ve brought me.

“Your guidance and heartfelt concern helped me make the right decisions for my sweet Smokey when he needed me the most.

“If not for you, I am sure that I would have let him move on much sooner than he needed or wanted.

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us move through such a difficult and painful time! You are an amazing and beautiful soul!”

─Allison Inouye, RN, New York, NY

“Thank you, again, Jane, for yesterday’s call, and your follow-up note. I can tell that you put your heart and soul into your work, and it’s such a beautiful thing that you do.

“I know how much your wisdom has guided and comforted me in this short time, so I can imagine what great things you’ve done on a larger scale.”

–An attorney who wishes to remain anonymous

“Jane was incredibly accurate with her reading for my rescued sheep Womble.

“She provided me with valuable information regarding Womble’s past, how his depression was caused by his deep mourning of his friend who was taken from him. This info enabled me to better understand his behaviour, why he seemed to have no desire to live.

“Jane also highlighted his health issues which she felt were mainly caused by his deep sadness, and I was astounded at her accuracy regarding his health, as I had provided Jane with no information whatsoever prior to my reading.

“My experience with Jane was genuine and heartfelt. Her words gave me a peace of mind, and I am so grateful.”

—Veronica M, Australia

“Dear Jane,

“Words cannot express what you have done for me, and my family/pak.

“I am Amee, Loki’s human. I called you when we were preparing to take Loki in to be put to sleep. By far the most difficult task in my life.

“You confirmed that he did not want to live in such pain, and that we were doing the most humane choice for him. You told us that he hated the pain meds, and that he hated loosing his mobility, and that he did not want us to see him degrade.

“I wanted to follow up with you, to share what was pure love and magick. His spirit was strong and calm as we arrived, and the vet came out with an American flag blanket and wrapped him up and carried him in.

“As you suggested, we asked the vet to allow our other pack member, T’Jet the Aussie, to be present at Loki’s passing, and to let us have as many hours as possible to be with Loki after the injection. Thank you for suggesting that. All of our requests were not only met, the whole office was in tears.

“Following Loki’s wishes that he conveyed to you, my husband, T’Jet, and I all laid in a tight circle surrounding him, and I was partially on top of him, the way we used to lay at home. When he passed, I felt him come into my body. It was a foreign feeling, but I knew that my beautiful white Shepherd was inside me. I could feel his chest bone pressing on the inside of my chest. I just stayed in there and relaxed.

“HOW IRONIC- at this moment the radio is playing our song, we used to drive in the mountains with the windows down and sing Beast of Burden, it was just fun and silly and I always called him my beast, just because of the Rolling Stones.

“I have attached a picture of us on one of those days.

“I am in tears just trying to write you how thankful I am for your gift, and all that you have done for us.

“I’m sending you hugs,
With Love,”
Amee Corning, Photographer, Washington

“During a session with Jane, my feisty feline adventurer agreed never to leave the yard, again. He kept his word for the rest of his years.

When, after a life well-lived, he was dying of heart disease, it was very hard for me to let him go. Jane helped me communicate with him in the last three months of his life, and after he was deceased.

“Being able to talk with him helped me to honor his wishes and let him go. I’m at peace with my loss because I now can(and do)communicate with him, thanks to Jane.”

–Elizabeth Avila, MS, Computer Science, Musician. California

“I am moved beyond tears to know my fearless and wise Beau experiences dying as being as full of wonder and adventure as being born was for him, and that his love for me is stronger than any physical pain could be. Thank you, Jane.”

–Patsy Fortier, Weim Mom, California

sara“My three deceased animals came through in spirit during an animal communication session with Jane. Amazing. They each talked about their personality quirks and how when they lived with me, had their own way of competing for my attention. It was so good to reconnect.”

–Howard Leshaw, Musician, New York, NY

“Jane is a gifted intuitive and animal communicator who can enter into deep states of rapport with animals. She clearly told me what was ailing my pet and gave me helpful suggestions for his welfare.”

–Rev. Terri Cooper, M.A., M.F.T., California