Letter to The Washington Post

Dear Editor:

Washington Post

Thank you so very much for making the public aware of the horror in university laboratories. Rats!

Yet, what can one expect when we allow some of the most pathetic of rats (no insult intended against the intelligent furry creatures with the same name) on Capitol Hill?

Sadly, we are all responsible, some blatantly more than others, for inflicting pain of heinous proportions in the Great Laboratory of Life. Pity, the most innocent are the ones who suffer most at our hands.

The heartless activity found in university laboratories of tearing heads off of conscious baby mice is indicative of what we do to ourselves every moment of our lives when we divorce our heads from our hearts.

To paraphrase Albert Schweitzer, Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln: Humanity can never know peace until we have mercy for all creatures.

Thank you for listening.

Jane Broccolo
Santa Barbara, California

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