What NOT to do Re: Missing Pets

Animal communication clients who call me about missing pets are in a
state of panic. It’s natural to feel intense pain when you think you’ll never
see your pet again, or that s/he might be trapped in a horrible hand of fate.

Panic constricts us from connecting to our inner knowing and peace of mind.

Losing our conscious connection to our true selves blocks us from feeling
connected to our missing pets. Consequently, your pet, wherever s/he may be, ceases to feel a connection to you. Animal instincts, both your own and your pet’s, are stifled by the panic you unwittingly signal out to them.

The first step I take when a frantic client call me, is to urge them to breathe
deeply through their fearful thoughts into that place of peace and trust within their hearts. With static fear out of the way, we can then begin to communicate with their animal.

A feeling of peace and trust creates an openness in you – a clear space that
breathes life into the bond between you and your lost pet, consequently
providing a pathway of inviting energy for your pet to return home.

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