Like-Hearted Animals

A horse’s heart –any mammal’s heart – resonates in energetic frequency with the human heart. I know not because scientific research finally realizes this, but from my own experience with animals, two of which were horses.

Several years ago, a client asked me to give a Reiki-Polarity treatment to her miniature horse who suffered from chronic shoulder pain. My treatment was something similar to laying on of hands combined with acupuncture without needles.

I went over to the stables where my client escorted me to a stall with little Sarah standing quietly with her head drooping. I bent down next to her, and ever so lightly touched her chest with one hand while touching my heart with the other. I felt energetically a heart-to-heart connection was instantly established.

That humble little horse was the most powerful container of compassion I have ever encountered in humans, or any other animal to this day. My lungs where too small to breathe in the power of love in little Sarah’s heart. Who would ever have guessed her strength by just looking at her?

Another client asked me to do a long-distance healing by phone for her gelding who was depressed and walked with a limp. Within ten minutes of the phone session, both my client and I felt her horse miles away in his stable breathe a deep sigh of relief. We felt his sigh in our own bodies.

The next day, my client told me her horse was strutting around the corral with his head held high and shaking his mane like he was the hottest thing since the birth of the sun. What an inspiration he is for people who use so much precious time to feel bad when there is so much joy around to breathe in.

So much to experience in one heart-beat of a horse.

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