Human Spirit?

A friend was telling me how great he thinks the human spirit is in reference to the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti.

It’s amazing how amazed people are when they see how people, after suffering horrific trauma, eventually feel reborn – empowered – with the help of millions of their own species supporting and nourishing them emotionally, physically, and psychologically.

Omnipresent Beauty is a force of nature, and must naturally surface from the depths of despair on the backs of those humans forced through circumstances to dive deep enough to find it, whether or not human aid is available to them.

Human animals are the only species who, in time, discover this pervading source of enrichment because humans are the only animal species who somewhere along life’s timeline, were dumb enough to lose our connection to it in favor of our highly self-esteemed egos.

All one need do is take our self-centered eyes off our own species for a moment to praise, instead, for example, the baby elephant orphan who naturally accesses within himself the strength to persevere through the aftershock of witnessing his mom and whole family brutally slashed and slaughtered right before his eyes; right before he is snatched up from his magnificent wild home, snuffed into a steel cage, isolated in the deafening noise of a rumbling jet plane for endless hours, and finally crammed into a zoo or circus prison – forever cutoff from any hope of recovering his natural life…rendered on the sacrificial alter of the ‘human spirit’
balking at him for the rest of his dwarfed existence.

Keep pumping ourselves up about how great we humans are, but the fact is,
we lost heart as a species eons ago the moment we scrunched our animal spirit inside the heinous human treatment of our Mother Earth and Her entire glorious family.

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