Animals: Masters of the Art of Letting Go

In response to my January 3rd post, a reader emailed me to ask if the blood disease in the cat was treatable. I emailed her back to say that since my posting, the cat had new test results showing that the disease was losing power.

Through vet-medication, plus a discussion with the cat where she was allowed to vent her frustration regarding her guardian as well as express her love for her, and the fact that her guardian followed through with the cat’s wishes, healing happened:

The cat, satisfied in having been heard, was able to move on
toward a quick and complete recovery.

What can we learn from this particular cat including other animals?

Express our feelings, get unpleasantness off our chests and out of our bodies, and – use our inborn animal intelligence to let go of negative mindsets that cause ‘dis-ease’, and then – move on.

Even vets agree that non-human animals heal much faster than we do.
After all, animals are masters of the art of letting go.

An art, our species is at last, beginning to practice. Hopefully, the quick recovery of my client’s cat will inspire my client to let go, and heal.

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