Although this post is for the weak at heart, it might be too gritty for the weak at heart to read.

Rod Lurie says in his online Huffingtonpost article that the film, “The Reader,” is a denial of the accountability and memorability of the Nazi’s industrialized slaughter of Jews during the Holocaust.

As if there is only one holocaust we should be concerned about.

Which brings to my mind and heart, Abe Lincoln’s beautiful concern for
humanity and all living creatures when he said:
“Man cannot be wholly human until he has mercy for all creatures”.

The expeditious method of slaughtering Jews was taught to the
Nazis by Henry Ford who based his own assembly line on the already existing industrialized American method of slaughtering food animals (animals as innocent, intelligent, and sensitive as a human child).

Human genocide has little chance of ending without our hearts first becoming strong enough to overpower our heartless denial that permits the daily gruesome genocide of billions of our non-human animal relatives treated each day like Jews in the Nazi Holocaust, like Tutsis in the Rwandan Genocide.

Like all who have been, and continue to be, brutally denied.

Horrific deeds attract horror to us. Acts of compassion attract compassion.                                                                                                                         And so on and, so on….
How rich that the Golden Rule is finally in our faces to the extent that if we continue to ignore it, we shall all perish.

May our exquisite planet, in making all of our lives on her possible, be our
Valentine today for us to love and cherish her children forever.

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